Planning of the integration process of the Trust Funds for Forests (TFF) into the Vietnamese National Funds for Forests (VNFF) under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in Vietnam

The Government of Vietnam tends to merge the two Funds into one organization to give a better platform for future project administration and funds allocation for different donors. The consultant mission had to evaluate the conditions to form one institute and to develop a roadmap for the necessary steps for this integration process. Interviews with all involved stakeholders like the donor community, the staff of the organisations and the project partners in the regions were held.

Consultancy to support the Orissa Disaster Mitigation Programme in Orissa (India)

The Orissa Disaster Mitigation Programme was initiated 1995 with the support of the Federal Republic of Germany (German Development Bank / KFW) and the German Red Cross / GRC. The third phase of the programme from 2011 to 2013 wanted to review the achievements along the targets. The consultancy had to assess the degree of initiatives  which were taken by the Management Unit in the view of the sustainability of the programme. Evaluation of the activities and planning new actions together with the partners in Orissa and in Delhi were part of the mission.

Project finding and proposal development for a "Climate Change Adaptation Programme in Togo"

German Red Cross / GRC assisted the regional partner organisation Togolease Red Cross / TRC in its purpose to develop a project including a proposal to set up a project in certain areas in Togo (140 villages) in the area of disaster mitigation and climate change adaptation. A log-frame, activity plan and a budget-planning together with the stakeholders and the target-group had to be developed to form a coherent project for the next phases. The finished project proposal hat to be submitted through German Red Cross to the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). 

Evaluation of the capitalization process of community-based disaster risk reduction (CBDRR) in les Nippes, Haiti

This project is funded by the EU and was installed after the severe earthquake (January 2010). The project is based in eight communities from five sections of Grand Boucan and Baradare in the Department of Nippes, Haiti. The project aims to reduce the risk of the identified communities to natural hazards. The project is a joint venture between the Haitian Red Cross and the German Red Cross. The project activities in terms of appropriateness, intervention logic, efficiancy and sustainability are now assessed.

Need-Assessment for a food security project in Northern Kivu Province (East-Congo) fort he submission at the EC-Commission

In the (former) war region of North Kivu in the triangle of Congo, Ruanda and Uganda the main part of the local poulation suffers from hunger and starvation due to the war. Although several resources (like for instance fishponds) are still in place, the access for the people is limited and the installations are broken. World Vision as a relief organisation is throughout the years present in this region and runs several nutrition and medicine centers. With a new project World Vision wanted to bring the people from the pure beneficiary role to the active and participant role with bases of income and production. A thoroughly assessment of needs of the local residents was missioned by World-Vision to collect the basis for a project proposal with was intendes to submitt et the EC Commission in Brussels.

Planning of one Strategy Panel for the NEXUS Conference in Bonn 2011 (German Development Bank/KfW)

The German government invited 500 Politicians and scientists in Nov 2011 to Germany for a three day conference. This conference had the purpose to prepare the Rio+20 summit in June 2012 in Durban. Konsortium supported KfW with the organisation of the Strategy Panel "Investing to sustain Ecosystem services". Within this task konsortium had to contact and invite the speakers, brief them for their role and contribution and to take care for the proper  performance of the event.

Project Progress Assessment for a CRM Project in Ulaanbaator (Mongolia) for the Federal Institute of Geo Science and Natural Resources/BGR

A longterm collaboration between the German BGR and the Mongolian CGL (Central Geological Laboratory) went into the last phase and had to be assessed whether the project success is still in line with the targets and the workplan of the project. The project aimed to qualify the Mongolian partner to produce Certified Reference Materials (CRM) and to market them on the international CRM market. The project progress assessment found that the project was very successful and reached it aims. Together with the partner and other actors new target and impact chains were identified for the last phase of the project.

Evaluation of the OASIS-Project in Subsahara Africa (German Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

The OASIS-Project is implemented by Interpol, the international Police Network. The project aims the qualification of African Security bodies to international standards. The project is part of the G-8 Africa Policy and is actually implemented in 34 Subsahara African Countries. Konsortium worked with three experts (all Members in the Network of Development Experts) on this evaluation task. A sample of 5 countreis were selected and visited. Together with the partners in these African countries (Cote d’ Ivoir, Ghana, Lesotho, Kenya, Cameroun) and with Intepol several suggestions for the improval of the project were developed and presented.