Welcome to the Webpage of Konsortium. We are a team of freelance consultants in development aid, monitoring, evaluation and project management. You will find some basic information about our group and reference projects. Please contact us for any further information.

Postfach 1734
D-38278 Wolfenbuettel
Tel. ++49.(0)5331.902771
Fax ++49.(0)5331.902773
e-mail: info@konsortium.org
Visiting address
Reichsstr. 1
D-38300 Wolfenbuettel


Konsortium is a group of independent and mainly selfemployed scientists and consultants. The members recruit mainly out of the Network for Development Experts. In this Network are around 35 scientific educated Consultants from different professions active. All of them possess long year experience in project management, evaluation and identification. Their expertise covers business economics, agricultural economics, rural development, water, relief aid and conflict aid. The main expertise lays in Evaluation and impact monitoring, participatory project planning, moderation, surveys and target oriented project implementation.

The internal relation among the members of konsortium is based on subcontracts. The main office of konsortium in Wolfenbuettel (Dr. Andreas Poelking) serves as main partner for the contract and is also responsible for the correct fulfilling of all duties from the contract within the given timeframe. 

  • Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment
  • Fisibilty studies and ex-ante assessments (like PIA)
  • Participatory approach for project identification and fact finding
  • Partner and target group oriented M & E measures
  • Excternal moderation 
  • Personal development and supervision
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Training and moderation